Why more & more content creators are taking breaks from social media?

Whenever I try to chalk out an analogy between the internet and a living creature, I fail to do so, even though ironically the entire internet is run by people; it’s because the internet is never at rest, running at full capacity 24/7 unlike human beings and other living creatures that need rest. It isn’t even like a machine that wears out and shows its flaws, no, the internet is always at its absolute best, with the choicest of content for everyone and anyone.

In this process, we often forget that while the internet is this black hole of awesomeness…

When you thought you wouldn’t…but then you did.

Can we formulate how Danish Sait’s lockdown videos and his array of characters are now all unforgettable references?

And can we explain why Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘rasode mein kaun tha’ jingle was so hugely popular that it could was basically the India’s internet anthem in 2020?

Expressing your emotions, delivering a monologue of frustration, complaining, venting (not the among us one), ranting — are things we’re guilty of doing everyday but we try not to because let’s face it — who even wants to hear us rant and go on and on about something that they already know about.

You’ll be surprised to know millions of them do.

How can our frustration be converted into content?

How to draw that fine line between being nagging and being relatable?

What unites us all together is the problems that we share, things we can all associate to as…

Apps — 1 , Humans — 0

Siblings fight for their parents’ attention, people in a relationship sometimes fight because they feel the other person isn’t giving them enough attention. And your dog is constantly fighting to get your attention but does it seem like a ridiculous idea to think that multinational corporations and companies at this very instant are fighting for YOUR attention?

In today’s digital age, probably not.

Technology has evolved in ways beyond what is even fathomable and our relationship with technology is constantly growing and evolving but what if this relationship is turning toxic?

This idea of companies fighting for our attention seems…

All your friends call you the biggest mood and you were born to be “relatable” to everyone around you — you have the craziest ideas when it comes to putting out stuff that other people and most importantly, you, enjoy — be it experimenting with fashion & makeup or showing your cooking prowess or making videos that strike a chord with the internet.

But is that all of what you need to occupy a virtual seat in this social media-driven game of phones?

To understand this, we need to understand first how does the algorithm decides whether a piece of…

— even Michael Scott doesn’t know the answer.

The new-age digital celebrities are often faced with questions, most of which boil down to — “10-sec reels, a post that takes a minute to upload on the feed, stories that you can upload within seconds, and DMs that you can clear within minutes — toh phir karte kya hon pura din?”

Well, the question is simple, the logic behind it is rational but it isn’t reality, is it?

The thing about content creation is that it’s not a structured 9–5 job, it cannot be — content creation is a process, it’s…

FOMO — a silly-sounding word if you ask me, almost sounds like the name of a bear indigenous to some island — unfortunately, this bear if I may call it, has occupied an island of its own in the hearts and minds of most people in our generation. For the unprecedented, FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out.

So, what exactly triggers FOMO?

Like the title suggests, pretty much anything — from watching an IG story of someone eating momos and feeling that bear gnawing at your heart to seeing a snap of someone having the absolute time of their…

The number of notifications on my phone is inversely proportional to my productivity.

We live in a digital age — an age marked by an incredible boost in the kind of content we consume, an age where kids learn how phones work faster than they learn the alphabet, and an age where inevitably everything from “which are the best restaurants in town?” to stalking your crush’s profile is all accessible via a few clicks.

But this digital age also gives rise to the question of dual lives — your online persona vs your offline persona.

And why must they be 2 different personas you ask? …

— documenting my learnings from the September Edition of #IBelieveinDoing crio workshop on Linux and Git Basics for developers.

As part of the Crio course on developer essentials , I was prompted to familiarise myself with Linux and Git. It still surprises me how the 10 days back me knew little to nothing about these topics and what started as an attempt to get acquainted with a few handy skills has now shaped up into a full blog post.

So here goes..

What is git?

Git is the free and open source distributed version control system that’s responsible for everything…

Sahithya Papireddy

I like oreo flavored ice cream but I do not like oreos.

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